Spring is in the air

The weather is turning fair and the days are growing longer. A bit of change is in the air as we transition from winter to spring, though in Houston, we really don’t have much of a winter.

As it’s a time for change, we have been reviewing our plans with the big purple truck and the future of our operations.

Do we divide and conquer, adding a second truck?

Do we establish a brick and mortar location?

What do we do to build our customer base?

After a bit of thought, both options proved to be challenging. Finding the right truck to build out the fleet is a great possibility. Establishing a brick and mortar proved to be extremely challenging, so we’ll wait for the right place.

So what do we do now that we’re starting our third year of operations?



Inquiring minds want to know!



We decided to get a second truck, though not to expand our OffBeat offerings. We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the Bowled Up operations which will complement the big purple truck operations. The Bowled Up menu will be fresh and new, featuring Asian fusion bowls, plus a few more surprises as we ramp up the operations.

Welcome to the fleet, Bowled Up!

Bowled Up, freshly powered by OffBeat Eatz.