Summer Time!

Summer time in Houston

As we begin the lazy days of summer, we encourage you to remember:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Remember and watch out for children, pets, elderly and people that may be suffering from the heat
  • Remember that areas exposed to the sun (ground and surfaces) can get really hot, so take care when approaching them
  • If you’re outdoors, plan ahead and take precautions. Sunscreen, shade, eye protection (OffBeat attire encouraged)  are a few great ideas.
  • If you’re visiting a food truck, try not to line up on a large line. Take some time to minimize your exposure to the sun and heat. One bad thing about the city of Houston ordinances for mobile food operators – shade can’t be provided unless it is permanently affixed to a truck. Something to remind your elected officials about reconsidering.
  • We will try to help out if someone is in distress, so if you see someone showing signs of heat exhaustion, call the police (or 911) and let us or people around you know.

Hopefully some of these tips will help make your summer enjoyable and safe! See you on the streets! You can’t miss the purple food truck!

On the streets

Thank You.

Hi OffBeat fans, we’ve been out on the streets of Houston, Clear Lake Shores and Harris county for a few weeks now. It’s been hectic and fun serving our OffBeat items.

We want to say thanks for your patience while we get up and running, sharing your smiles and compliments, and most importantly, being a customer.

Also big thanks to other food truck and property owners for helping us get rolling. It’s an incredible network of owners that are willing to help out! We believe in paying it forward and that’s been a part of our original concept. We’ll share more on paying it forward soon.

The Menu

What off beat creations can you expect? We’re not quite ready to release the full details, though here is you can expect to see on the chalkboard:

  • Some great burgers – inspired by the many spices from the world, with some great locally produced meats
  • Some great pizzas – with an offbeat combination of flavors
  • Some great sides and vegetarian options – made with our offbeat style

We’ll have a core set of offerings along with seasonal and special offbeat menu items for special events.


We’re a new food truck entering the vibrant Houston food truck scene. Have you tried a food truck? It’s not just about grabbing a quick sandwich or taco.

We’re much more! It’s all about providing great locally sourced and fresh ingredients prepared in a great way to make your taste buds come alive.

We’re glad you stopped by, we’re in the process of getting everything ready to hit the streets and provide the food loving people of Houston some simple and great food soon.